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03/23/2022: SMATCOE Summer Academic Enrichment (to prepare students for school year 2022 - 2023) starts on Monday (June 6, 2022) and lasts for 8 weeks. Class sessions will be held twice per week in math, science, and SAT/ACT Prep.
Summer Academic Enrichment Material

Pre-Algebra Material

Pre-Algebra Material Packet (Click Here)

Algebra 1 Material

Algebra 1 Material Packet (Click Here)

Algebra 1 Exercise Answers (Click Here)

Geometry Material

Geometry Material Packet (Click Here)

Geometry Exercise Answers (Click Here)

Algebra 2 Material

Algebra 2 Material Packet (Click Here)

Algebra 2 Exercise Answers (Click Here)

Pre-Calculus Material

Pre-Calculus Material Packet (Click Here)

Pre-Calculus Exercise Answers (Click Here)

Mastering the Unit Circle for Trigonometry (Click Here)

Graphing Trig Functions Material Packet (Click Here)

Calculus Material

Calculus Material Packet (Click Here)

Calculus Exercise Answers (Click Here)

Mastering the Unit Circle for Trigonometry (Click Here)

Chemistry Material

Chemistry Material Packet (Click Here)

Chemistry Exercise Answers (Click Here)

Chemistry Notes (Click Here)

Periodic Table of Elements with Atomic Mass (Click Here)

Physics Material

Physics Material Packet (Click Here)

Physics Exercise Answers (Click Here)

Physics Notes (Click Here)

SAT/ACT/PSAT Prep Material

SAT/ACT/PSAT Prep Student Material Packet(Click Here)

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(To be added once Summer Academic Enrichment starts)